14 Tips to Screening Tenants

1. Check credit, criminal and eviction history report. You will want to pull each report.
2. Make sure to have the potential tenant(s) complete a thorough rent application. Make sure all occupant names, social security number over 18, ages, current address, job status, vehicles and etc.
3. Verify ID(s)
4. Verify that the rent history on the credit report matches the potential tenant’s current address
5. Call to verify employment
6. Verify 3 most recent pay check stubs
7. Verify funds
8. Call to verify all references
9. Call the two most recent landlords or management companies. Check for payment history, evictions, any guest staying over 2 weeks not on lease agreement, and lease violations.
10. Drive by their current housing location.
11. Meet all tenants who will be occupying the unit. It is suggested by some to meet at their current home. Look for red flags.
12. Talk to the potential tenant(s) You can tell a lot about a person by how they speak. *James Chapter 3
13. Make sure to comply with the Fair Housing Laws when making a decision and take the legal steps when denying a tenant.
14. Listen to the Holy Spirit. He will guide you in all truth and lead you to finding the right tenant. *John 16:13

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